What does it look like when students
from across the country come together
to build America's future?


We Have A Big
McCourt Global has made a transformational
investment in The Future Project to help us to
reach millions of young Americans this decade.


Empowering the Next Generation

The Future Project


The Future Project
Join us in inspiring young people to transform their lives and our nation

We launched in 2011 because we were devastated by the reality that so many young people were growing up uninspired and unprepared in a country that was supposed to be a place of limitless possibility. Then we realized we weren’t alone — and that, no matter our differences, millions of Americans felt the same way. So many of us, in one form or another, are wondering what happened to this country — but we're also wondering what we each can do to change it. Our goal is to make it easy for you to stop wondering. Millions of students need you — today.

The Future Project has turned my high school into Possibility High–every student in my school now believes that they have a future.
The Future Project has allowed me to see my best self.
The Future Project has allowed me to see my best self.
I can write my own story. No one will have to write it for me.
When a young person has hope, passion, and a sense of purpose, everything changes. It's in that spirit that I am excited to witness the game-changing rise of The Future Project. I imagine, one day, Dream Directors will be in every school in America, providing hope and a future to all students.
The Future Project has allowed me to see my best self.
I feel a lot stronger, and confident... like I finally know who I am.
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