We're proud to stand with
Alicia Keys to empower the
next generation to answer,
“Why are we here?”

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Discover how from coast to coast, young people are starting this school year by taking a bold stand for the future of their dreams.


Empowering the Next Generation

The Future Project

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The Future Project
We're on a mission to unlock the greatness of every young American.

Imagine a new kind of future. Imagine young people with belief in tomorrow. Imagine all students challenged to imagine, innovate, fail, and, ultimately, discover their passions and purpose. Imagine the next generation inspired—every day—to build the future. Imagine turning students' dreams of a limitless future into tangible reality. That’s The Future Project. Uniting passionate people to transform the futures of our youth, our schools, and our nation.

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I feel a lot stronger, and confident... like I finally know who I am.
The Future Project has allowed me to see my best self.
The Future Project has turned my high school into Possibility High–every student in my school now believes that they have a future.
The Future Project has allowed me to see my best self.
I can write my own story. No one will have to write it for me.
When a young person has hope, passion, and a sense of purpose, everything changes. It's in that spirit that I am excited to witness the game-changing rise of The Future Project. I imagine, one day, Dream Directors will be in every school in America, providing hope and a future to all students.
The Future Project has allowed me to see my best self.
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