The summer before his senior year of high school, Andrew Lee decided that he was ready to write his own story. In the Special Education program at Eastern Senior High School, Andrew was often bullied by his peers, and felt as though other people tried to tell him who he was, and who he was going to be. When he joined the Dream Team, and met his Dream Director Voncia Monchais, he realized that he had the power to shape his own identity. Andrew decided to write a book, called My Own Story, to share his experience in the Special Education system and show how he found his voice through believing in his dreams.

Through his project, Andrew transformed the way he thought of himself and how he related to other students at school. He graduated in the spring, and is currently at a trade school in hospitality. He is working as a greeter at Embassy Suites as part of his training program. Andrew has also gotten the opportunity to do some motivational speaking, sharing with others the change he saw in himself when he started to believe and took charge of his story.

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