As a student in our first-ever school in New York City, Charles Whitewolf is one of the original Future Project dreamers. For her project, she launched a poetry initiative called Poetry Forever. In her own life, she found that poetry was an important way to express emotion, and that it was powerful to put what she was feeling on a given day into words. She wanted to give others the opportunity to do that, and so she started Poetry Forever to bring people together to share poetry and learn about how to create it.

Since graduating from high school four years ago, Charles has continued to explore her passion for performance and the written and spoken word. She’s committed to making a difference in her community, and wants to do that through art. She currently works with Theater of the Oppressed, a legislative activism theater that goes to different communities and presents the real life stories of community members in front of legislators. Apart from that, she is still an active poet. She can be found riding her skateboard around New York City.

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