As a senior at New Haven Academy, Colasia started Got Beauty– a campaign meant to question and challenge societal norms surrounding beauty. Frustrated by the tendency to focus on what was wrong with yourself, Colasia decided to challenge perspectives and encouraged young women to see the best in themselves. In order to get her point across, she wrote positive messages of self love on mirrors across her school. Her mission was to prevent cases of low self esteem from escalating, and instead to encourage people to see the beauty that already exists, inside and out. By the end of the project, she got over 240 students involved in the effort, showing the power of bringing people together for a shared goal of changing the culture in their school and the world around them.

Colasia is now a college freshman, and feels well-equipped for her business marketing major because of her work with The Future Project. She attributes her ability to sell someone on an idea, and get people excited about what she is offering, to her work on Got Beauty!

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