Gearramia believes the first step to success is looking the part. He wanted to spread that philosophy in Detroit, where students defined being “fly” as wearing baggy clothes or revealing attire. Inspired to create a cultural shift, Gearramia launched Flyday Friday at his school: a campaign encouraging students to dress professional every Friday. On the first Friday alone over 50 students participated and Detroit Public Schools highlighted his campaign. Gearramia went on to launch other components to FlyDay Friday, including a series of guest speakers who shared insights on how to dress for job interviews, and why it is important. He also partnered with Quicken Loans to create a suit and dress drive for students who did not own professional clothing.

Gearramia is continuing his leadership in college, majoring in business management and international marketing. He aspires to start a nonprofit specializing in college preparation for Detroit youth and believes Flyday Friday showed him what was possible.

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