Like a lot of people who grow up in New York City, Justice Hatterson, the Future Project’s first student ever, has long been inspired by its diversity. She began taking photographs to showcase New York’s “most beautiful places and its most beautiful moments.” When she channeled that into her interest in fashion, she knew that she wanted to create a clothing line that celebrated the different cultures that made her home special and designed clothes imprinted with writing from different languages, from Hebrew to Japanese, Spanish to Korean. She launched DiFaisean—a mashup of her high school project “Daring Imagery” (Di) and the Irish word for fashion (Faisean)—and has since taken part in numerous fashion shows, and has produced her own documentary film.

Justice has continued working in the world of fashion, and recently founded her own model management company. She currently manages 29 models, including five from outside New York State and one from out of the country. She also works at Zara as a visual merchandiser, helping style the store to increase the client appeal. On top of this busy schedule, Justice has continued to build out DiFaisean, designing new items and building her brand in the New York City fashion world. She has mentored a number of students across the country around how to bring their passions for fashion alive.

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