It all began as a vision in Lena’s head: a vision of a school bus. Well, not just any school bus—a magical Dream Bus that traveled around the country, packed with Dream Directors collecting the dreams of young people from near and far. After graduating from high school, she decided to bring this vision to life. Despite a complete lack of construction experience, Lena built a team of peers at her school, Middlebury College, found a bus, completely gutted it, and reimagined it from the inside out. Fifteen years of grime became sparkling cedar floorboards. Rows of bolted bench seats gave way to a mobile classroom for the 21st century. And of course, a once yellow bus turned bright blue. The Dream Bus was born. The bus traveled coast to coast in the summer of 2015, stopping in 9 cities and gathering dozens of dreams—Lena’s dream in action, traveling across the country at 60 mph.

Inspired by the Dream Bus renovation project, Lena has decided to major in Architecture at Middlebury to continue pursuing her love of reimagining spaces. She’s currently applying to work on a design build project, where she’d be building an actual house on campus—after all, now that she’s built a bus, why not build a home? Her love for building things has landed her as the head of a campus entrepreneurship club called Mid Venture, and she sits on the board for a creative coworking space for social entrepreneurs.

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