The Perfect Revolution is a movement founded by Mariely Garcia to redefine the word “perfect” and ignite the flame of self-love and self-worth in young people. What began as an online campaign called “Perfectly Made” in the fall of 2011, quickly grew to include thousands of peoplein New York City, across the country and around the world.

As people from around the world shared their stories, Mariely knew that she wanted to take her message to the streets of New York—to the plazas and the subways and every corner. The campaign culminated in a large rally at a public plaza by the United Nations, where hundreds of young people—including students from New Haven and Newark—as well as friends and passersby, enjoyed performances, speeches and activities that caused them to rethink what it means to be perfect.

Now a junior at Bowdoin College, Mariely is majoring in Neuroscience with the plan to continue on to medical school, and maybe pick up a Watson Fellowship along the way so that she can travel the world, learn, and build another project that will spark change. With the Perfect Revolution on her mind, Mariely has taken the skills she developed– identifying a need, implementing a plan, and organizing for action– with her to college. Within her first year at Bowdoin, Mariely developed a chapter of the volunteer organization Project Sunshine at her school so that her peers could have the opportunity to meaningfully engage in community work off campus, specifically at the local children’s hospital.

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