When she decided that she wanted to open up a sneaker store called Kick Fly, Qua thought about what ideals the brand of her store would promote. After reading a lot about poor health and eating habits, especially among young people in her home city of Newark, she knew she wanted Kick Fly to be about healthy living. So she recruited students and teachers in the school to be a part of a 90-day health and weightloss challenge. She launched her challenge with a smoothie breakfast for students and teachers, partnered with a local market to provide free healthy breakfast foods for participants, and recruited a basketball coach to design the program with her.

After graduating from high school, Qua launched the next iteration of Kick Fly, called Be Legendary while studying and playing basketball at Clark Atlanta University. She’s created t-shirts under her new brand, with the idea that those who wear them will be able to express themselves through their clothes, and make a statement to the outside world about who they are on the inside. Qua knew it wouldn’t be easy, but she was ready for the challenge. She worked with a professional designer on the logo, researched manufacturing options, and created a financial plan to invest in the brand. Qua is currently building a website to feature all the work that she’s doing around the Be Legendary.

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