By the time Tim was 15 years old, he had been skateboarding for years. He knew that it was something that had not only brought him a lot of joy, but had also kept him disciplined. When he was a sophomore in high school, he learned that a kid in his neighborhood had been a victim of gun violence, and in a neighborhood close by, another young person had been killed. Knowing what skateboarding had done for him, he started STOKED, his skateboarding camp for young kids, to teach them the fundamentals of the sport he loves and, most of all, to make sure that they had the same opportunities he did.

Now, several years after Tim launched STOKED, the program is still going strong. As he’s completing his undergraduate degree in business administration, Tim continues to run his skateboarding program for a group of twenty five young people in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Through the relationships and networks he’s developed, Tim has managed to bring his passion for skateboarding, and the discipline it cultivates, to more and more people each year.

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