One day, every school in America will have a Dream Director — a leader dedicated to unlocking the greatness of everyone inside it.

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A Dream Director is a transformational leader who is assigned to one high school—and committed to unleashing the passion and purpose, curiosity and imagination, courage and grit of everyone in it—the Dream Director is many things in one. They are entrepreneurs. They are coaches. They are imagineers. They are coalition-builders. They are organizers. They are educators. They are midwives of dreams—and warriors of possibility. They are creative rebels. They are idealists. They are pragmatists. Above all, they are leaders.

A candidate that is perfect for the role is the ultimate dreamer in action. They can express a compelling vision and energize individuals and communities to take action. They thrive in formal and informal settings, capable of identifying and connecting with decision-makers and individuals with influence. They are driven to improve, get results, compete, and innovate. They can adapt their approach when necessary, and appreciate opposition as an opportunity to learn, grow, or improve their strategy. They can manage multiple projects and teams simultaneously. They see themselves as a leader of others—from forming a team of students and communicating a clear and compelling vision and mission, to fostering a high level of cooperation and collaboration among the many groups of adults in the building.

We are looking for Dream Directors to serve in schools in Detroit, MI, New Haven, CT, New York, NY, Newark, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, and Washington, D.C.— starting in May 2016.

The Fine Print
Full-Time. Competitive Salary. Health Insurance. Emphasis on professional development. Flexible Hours. Background Checks. Bachelor’s Degree Preferred, but no qualified candidates will be turned away due to education.

Hiring Process

Step 1: See what you're getting yourself into!

Check out our website and learn what we do—watch videos and read bios and articles.

Step 2: Complete the Written Application

Complete the application here by Friday, March 11, 2016 at 5PM EST. You will hear back regarding your status in our hiring process by Thursday, March 17th.

Step 3: Take on the Missions

We have an unconventional hiring process. If your application blows us away, in March and April, we will invite you to execute aspects of our model in the form of on-the-ground challenges, done in close collaboration with our staff and students.

Step 4: The Adventure

Final candidates complete the 3-part hiring process by joining our National Team in New York City for a full day of final interviews, challenges, and an opportunity to get any remaining questions answered.

Offers will be made in May.

New Dream Directors will start on-boarding in May, training in June and July, and enter their schools in the Fall!

How They Do It

Click here for more information about the program.

A Day In The Life

So what does a Dream Director's day typical look like? Take a glimpse into the worlds of some of our Dream Directors. Of course, you've probably guessed by now that “typical” isn't really part of the job description.

A day in the life

Eve King

Hill Regional Career High School
New Haven

8AM - Frank, Christian, Sarah, Laura, and I (the New Haven TFP team) convene at The Grove, our downtown office space, for a weekly check-in meeting.

9AM - Citywide updates, problem solving techniques, upcoming dates, coffee, etc.

10AM - After walking from The Grove to Career HS, I put my stuff down in my office, go through emails, and check out the Dream Team Instagram updates.

11AM - Lunch waves bring big groups of students into my office each day. Angelique and Jaquan dance to Usher (seriously) while Rafi, Jamari, Barshawn, and Adam work on planning an afterschool Open Mic next Friday.

12PM - Milan and Justice come visit me at B-Lunch to ask if I have any leftover stickers from yesterday's First Day of Spring campaign. They leave with lime green #SPRUNG stickers on their phones. During C-Lunch I help two sophomores finish applications for summer jobs.

1PM - 4th period I have a meeting with a student from the school's senior project class, Jamal. He's planning an Art Show at Career, and we go over the list of classmates he's asked to contribute work.

2PM - [This isn't a daily occurrence!] A student I know well comes to my office really upset about an ongoing problem among a group of her friends. We have some pretzels and talk and, when she's collected, I walk her back to class.

3PM - I don't have an official afterschool session or a club meeting on Fridays, so it's usually a good day to bring students into the New Haven community. I haven't got anything lined up for today, so I get to just hang out with the students who stop by before they leave for the weekend.

4PM - I find Mike, the Building & Grounds Manager, before I leave to ask about getting his help for an event next week. One of Kleaver's Dreamers calls me to ask about getting started on an art project!

5PM - I leave Career and meet a friend of mine for coffee. He's a med student here at Yale and is coming to Career to speak at "Choices Day" next month, so he wants to talk about how that will go.

A day in the life

Kleaver Cruz

Leadership Institute High School
New York City

7AM - Wake up and scroll through the day's calendar.

9AM - Arrive at school, say “Good Morning!” to Horacio at the entrance of the school; share "Good Mornings" with students on the way into my office/Dream Room.

9:45AM - Deliver the daily announcements and end with "If you haven't heard it yet, remember that you matter, so do your dreams and whatever it is that you want from your life...tu importas y tambien importan tus sueños y todo lo que quieres de tu vida."

10AM - Dream Room opens for lunch where Dream Team members and various students utilize the space.

12PM - Attempt to eat lunch while catching up on emails and checking in with the Guidance Counselor, and various other members of the school community.

2PM - Prepare for a Dream Team meeting.

3PM - Dream Team meeting kicks off!

5:30PM - Make my way to the BX15 to ride home for the day.

9PM - Read a few more emails and prep some materials for tomorrow.

11PM - Reading my newest book or working on a new poem.

A day in the life

Ashley Mui

International Studies Academy
San Francisco

7AM - Morning Gratitude Prayer + Meditation + Write my first Thank You (then post my gratitude note on instagram!)

8AM - Clear my space + Prep for the day + Watch an inspiring video + Respond to E-mails + Conference calls.

9AM - Get into my ride and pop in The Beatles in my tape deck for my morning music inspiration + Grab a green juice on my way to school.

10AM - Step onto campus + Greet the staff + Attend the School Experience Team (SET) meeting and plan advisories, school wide events, field trips, school beautification, and more.

12PM - Prep with my Apprentice + Dream Team 1-on-1’s + Dream Team Meetings + Lunch.

2PM - Listen to music while debriefing with my Apprentice + Calendar events + Input progress into Logbook + Strategic planning + Weekly reports + Color with crayons.

3:30PM - Host a quick Dream Team meeting + Schedule 1-on-1’s + Give hugs and tell my Dreamers I love them.

4PM - Follow up e-mails (crucial after school!) + Support a dreamer on their Future Project.

6PM - Go to Spin class and sweat my buns off + Get motivated.

8PM - Break bread with family or cook myself dinner.

10PM - A mixture of reading + writing + watching Hulu/Netflix + making vision boards.

11PM - Light the candle on my altar + Burn incense + Pray + Rest + Dream.

If you have any questions, just drop us a line at