One day, every school in America will have a Dream Director — a leader dedicated to unlocking the greatness of everyone inside it.

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A Dream Director is a transformational leader who is assigned to one high school – and committed to unleashing the passion and purpose, curiosity and imagination, courage and grit of everyone in it. Dream Directors are entrepreneurs, coaches, organizers and educators. They are midwives of dreams — and warriors of possibility. They are creative rebels. They are idealists. They are pragmatists. Above all, they are leaders.

For this role, we are looking for candidates who are ultimate possibility thinkers – who can quickly see the potential in any young person and adult, and work rigorously to unleash it. They listen deeply, work with others to co-create a compelling and bold vision, and energize groups and communities to take action. They thrive in formal and informal settings, capable of identifying and connecting with decision-makers and individuals with influence. They are driven to improve, get results, compete, and innovate. They can adapt their approach when necessary, and appreciate opposition as an opportunity to learn, grow, or improve their strategy. They can manage multiple projects and teams simultaneously, break down complex problems into logical work, and adapt to chaos and circumstance. They see themselves as a leader of others – from forming a team of students and communicating a clear and compelling vision and mission, to fostering a high level of cooperation and collaboration among the many groups of adults in the building.

We are looking for potential Dream Directors to serve in schools in Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Detroit, Los Angeles, Naugatuck and Norwalk, Ct., Newark, New Haven, NYC, Oakland, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. — starting in June 2017.

The Fine Print
Full-Time. Competitive Salary. Health Insurance. Emphasis on professional development. Flexible Hours. Background Checks. Bachelor’s Degree Preferred, but no qualified candidates will be turned away due to education.

Hiring Process

Step 1: See what you're getting yourself into!

Check out our website and learn what we do—watch videos and read bios and articles.

Step 2: Complete the Written Application

Complete the application here Friday, April 28, 2017 at 11:59 PM EST. You will hear back regarding your status in our hiring process by May 5th.

Step 3: Take on the Missions

If your application blows us away, we will invite you to execute aspects of our model in the form of on-the-ground challenges, done in close collaboration with our staff and with young people in cities across the country.

Step 4: The Adventure

Final candidates complete the 3-part hiring process by joining our National Team in New York City for a full day of final interviews, challenges, and an opportunity to get any remaining questions answered. Offers will be made in May.

New Dream Directors will start on-boarding in June, training in June and July, and enter their schools in the Fall!

How They Do It

A Day In The Life

So what does a Dream Director's day typical look like? Take a glimpse into the worlds of some of our Dream Directors. Of course, you've probably guessed by now that “typical” isn't really part of the job description.

A day in the life

Jesse Sánchez

San Francisco International High School
San Francisco

6AM -r Wake up to Wellness routine (e.g. physical therapy for my shoulder injury, breakfast, etc.)

8AM - Check email and calendar

9AM - Arrive at SFIHS Wellness Office for meetings, coaching sessions and prep work

11AM - A Fellow Dream Director is helping students host a huge schoolwide assembly. I head over to Academy High School to support in the activities.

1PM - The Positive School Culture Committee that I help lead is presenting our latest school-wide culture change initiative. I head over to the all-staff meeting excited to share the details!

2PM - Our Dream Team members are finishing up grant proposals for some creative school-wide projects: Jade wants to create a photo art gallery in the hallways, Ivy wants to launch a “Dream Campaign” using polaroid cameras, and Leydi would like to host a week-long in-school carnival to spread positivity in response to the challenges facing our federal government. I am continuously inspired by how proactive students can be!

4PM - Student would like to discuss some challenges they are facing regarding their immigration status.

5PM - Follow up on the day’s action items.

5:30PM - Finalize agenda for tomorrow’s Dream Team Meeting (Weekly Thursday meeting)

6:30PM - Reach out to Dream Team students via social media accounts to remind them of what materials to bring to school the following day. Check in on students who may need extra support. Emails.

8PM - Catch up with friends and family

If you have any questions, just drop us a line at