We turn schools into places where anything is possible

Introducing a Simple Solution for a Complex Problem

Watch as our CEO, Andrew Mangino , discusses The Future Project’s
human solution to transforming any school into a place of possibility.

The Elements
Of Our Method

The Dream Director

Dream Directors are embedded in schools full-time to unleash the passion and purpose of everyone within them. They’re new kinds of leaders, whose design is grounded entirely in breakthrough research and emerging evidence.

Dream Teams

To multiply their impact, Dream Directors build Dream Teams of coaches, students, and teachers, and charge them with transforming their schools from the inside out. We believe young people must be leading school change.

Future Projects

Dream Directors challenge students to create ambitious projects like clubs, campaigns, companies, and so much more. Research suggests there may be no more transformative experience for a student.

Whole School Change

As students lead their peers, Dream Directors partner with principals to reimagine spaces, rethink policies, and remove any barrier in the way of inspiration. Within months, the school's new culture inspires everyone within it.

See our Dream Directors in Action

Our Method is 100% Evidence Based
Everything we do at The Future Project is grounded in academic research and our own field experimentation. We've been influenced by disciplines as wide-ranging as behavioral psychology, neuroscience, movement theory, social-and-emotional learning, history, and positive youth development. Learn about our theory of impact–just what it takes to unlock greatness–below.


Emerging science shows that a young person’s mindset can predict what he or she achieves. That’s why Dream Directors work with students to define their values and their strengths, and to understand the power they have to influence the world around them—regardless of what others have said about their "fixed" traits.

Learn more from Carol Dweck, Shane Lopez, and Pedro Noguera


Once young people believe in themselves, the key to unlocking greatness is discovering passion and purpose. By exposing students to new ideas and by fostering play and imagination, Dream Directors break down the walls between the school and the world, connecting life with education.


There's no better way to unleash a student than by their building a project born of passion and purpose. The pursuit is never easy, but through training and support of Dream Directors, students learn life-long willpower and critical 21st century skills.


The cycle is complete when a student is turning a pursuit of purpose into a form of leadership that inspires others to do the same, thus rippling their spark forward. As students see their Future Projects through, they learn how to build a team, enroll other people in their vision, and move them to pursue their own goals, too.